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Do you have customers who say:

  • The end product was not what we originally asked for.
  • The product and the project changed direction without our realising it.
  • Costs escalated without our realising it, but by the time we did, it was too late to stop.
  • We were told the product would be delivered late, but by this time, it was too late for us to supply extra effort.
  • We were not kept informed during most of the development, and even now we do not really understand how to make the product work.
  • The products are not reliable, hence maintenance costs are more than we expected.

If you have suffered from any of these project problems, now is the time to move up to PM4A. If you want to be in control, rather than constantly firefighting or hanging on to a ‘tiger by the tail’, start using PM4A to set up and manage your projects with the minimum of fuss. You’ll know it makes sense.

PM4A offers a very readable book and examinations that can be taken on-line or in a classroom. It’s written by the man who wrote the original (and most readable) version of PRINCE2®, Colin Bentley and it’s waiting for you at a very affordable price.

PM4A is great. I have put into it many of the good features that I put into the first PRINCE2 manual, but kept it simple. I found that many companies that have invested in large project management methods are only using parts of the method. Their chosen method was regarded by many as too bureaucratic, so staff were cherry-picking the parts they needed and could understand. PM4A is written in simple terms that fit the needs of small or medium-sized projects without any need for tailoring.

It’s far more difficult to try to absorb a method for large projects and then consider how to scale it down to your requirements, than it is to start with a method already geared for your size of project.

PM4A takes, for example, a very simple approach to

  • Project organisation – the number of roles needed.
  • The number of processes, phases or stages that are needed.
  • Progress reporting.

It contains, however, a very comprehensive statement of what you need for control. For example, if a project doesn’t control change, it will never succeed. Other key controls are:

  • Quality.
  • Risk.
  • Version control.
  • Planning.

And all these are covered in PM4A. To summarise, PM4A brings you these benefits:

  • Less bureaucratic than many other methods.
  • The manual is easy to read and the method easy to implement.
  • The manual is available online.
  • Much less expensive than rival offerings while still being a comprehensive project management method for any size of project.
  • Backed up by training courses, exams and certificates. These are again much more realistically priced than many competing products.
  • Full support for any company wishing to adopt it, online or through a trainer.

PM4A training and exams will soon be available through our ATO Team Professional Services in South America.

Buy the PM4A manual online today.

About the Author:

Colin Bentley started in data processing in 1965 with English Electric-Leo-Marconi, rising to chief programmer. He moved to IBM in 1969 as a development manager. He moved to be a Director of Simpact Systems in 1975, working on the development of the PROMPT II project management method, the predecessor to PRINCE.

He has written over twenty books on project management and authored the original PRINCE2 manual. He was Chief Examiner for PRINCE2 for eleven years until 2009 when he retired. Before his retirement his clients included The Stock Exchange, Tesco, NHS in Northern Ireland, the BBC, Microsoft and Ordnance Survey.