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VeriSM is a new approach to service management. Rather than focusing on a single department, VeriSM approaches service management from the organisational level. Built around the VeriSM model, it shows how you can adopt a range of management practices in a flexible way.

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VeriSM can be tailored to your specific organisation’s industry, size, location, business objectives, organisational culture, nature of the project, etc. VeriSM helps organisations respond to their customers and deliver value in a flexible way with an integrated service management approach.

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Benefits of VeriSM

The benefits of VeriSM are as follows:

  • Focuses on the entire organisation rather than IT alone.
  • Can be tailored to be used in any organisation or on any project.
  • VeriSM allows the use of multiple best practice approaches.
  • Protects past investments by leveraging past practices.
  • Enables the use of emerging technologies.
  • Transforms organisational culture.
  • Creates a responsive model, aligning products and services to specific outcomes.

VeriSM Qualifications

There are three levels of VeriSM qualification offered by IFDC through three Exam Institutes, APMG, BCS and EXIN. The qualifications are:

VeriSM Foundation
VeriSM Professional
VeriSM Leader

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