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Many organisations attempt Lean implementation / transformation without first building foundations. This is likely to be a fruitless task – using the 5Cs as a guide is a great starting point.

The five C’s of Lean are senior management Commitment, Communication, Collaboration, Customer centric and Culture. Critically these elements are not hot-swappable, it is impossible to become a Lean organization without covering all five bases.

By Nigel Murphy

The new guide to Lean will be released in October, we are starting taking pre-orders for it now – A Guide to Lean. Pre-order today for a chance to win an iPad.

About the Author:

I have worked in IT since 1997 starting out on a Service Desk, I seemed to be a little out of sync with everyone else and was told I actually dealt with support calls ‘too quickly’, the average time was 2 min 20 secs, mine was 50 secs!. I became fascinated by productivity and when a few years later Fujitsu Services underwent a Lean Transformation it seemed a natural fit, instantly resonating with me. I decided to leave the confines of IT support behind and become a consultant and have been ‘hooked’ on transformation ever since.