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Resilia is a cyber resilience methodology from AXELOS®. Resilia uses a lifecycle approach to aid the effective deployment and management of cyber resilience in an organisation. The lifecycles are complementary to ITIL® as they follow the same Strategy, Design, Transition, Operation and Continuous Improvement structure.

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Resilia best practice covers what activities, controls and management processes should be in each lifecycle. Organisations already using ITIL® for service management will find that cyber resilience can easily be integrated into their existing management systems; with cyber resilience controls and management becoming an extension of existing business-as-usual processes.

Many existing standards and frameworks outline a set of controls, such as NIST, ISF and ISO27001, that an organisation should put in place, often for the benefit of proving external assurance.

Resilia has been designed to complement these existing standards and frameworks by providing guidance on how these controls can be selected, deployed and managed in a way that is appropriate for the specific organisation. It enables the wider IT team, and risk and business professionals, to understand why and how they can contribute to both good cyber resilience and existing standards that the organisation already has in place.

Resilia Qualifications

AXELOS, the owners of Resilia, run the qualification scheme through one Exam Institute, PeopleCert. There are currently two main levels of Resilia certification. They are:

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Resilia Consultancy

Implementing an effective cyber resilience programme in an organisation can be a difficult job. That’s where Resilia comes in; but what if you haven’t got any cyber security knowledge or experience? That’s where our highly knowledgeable consultants can help, no matter the size or type of cyber resilience project.

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