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For some time now, Colin Bentley, the original creator of the PRINCE2 project management method, and I, have been discussing waterfall and agile project delivery methods. The aim of these discussions has been to create a new hybrid approach to project management that combines the best features of waterfall project management with those of agile approaches.

The end result of this is a new hybrid is a new hybrid approach to project management called Evolutionary Project Management, or EPM for short.

Colin has used his in-depth knowledge and experience of waterfall project management and his grasp of various different agile approaches to combine the best features of each to create a new hybrid project management method that delivers consistent and repeatable results, delivering real business value.

ITSM Press, the wholly owned publishing imprint of ITSM Shop, will be publishing the EPM manual toward the end of November.

About the Author:

Jamie Titchener is CEO of ITSM Shop, the one-stop shop for all ITSM books, standards, tools and training. He has worked in the field of service management for the last 12 years.