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What services does the IT organisation really deliver? Rather than discuss the theory around what a service catalogue or service portfolio is, this book gives you the actual IT service descriptions for running, operating, and managing an entire IT infrastructure. It’s all here—complete service descriptions, catalogue and portfolio templates, service implementation plans, service governance processes, and much more all packed into this one handbook!

Just about every IT support service is described in this book. Take the service descriptions you need, mix, match and customise them to quickly create the content needed for your own service catalogs and portfolios.

“Many books talk about how to build a service catalogue—this book is a service catalogue!”

“We really struggled to identify and pull our IT services together until we saw this material—it saved us months!”

“With this material, we can finally tell the business what IT actually delivers to them!”

“A valuable reference resource for ITSM practitioners, service managers, CIOs, procurement managers, and anyone else sourcing the services needed to run an entire IT infrastructure operation!”

“One can put together an entire IT service management operation just from the service descriptions in this book!”


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