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ISO/IEC 38505-1:2017 provides guiding principles for the application of ISO/IEC 38500 to the governance of data.

While this document looks at the governance of data and its use within an organisation, guidance on the implementation arrangement for the effective governance of IT in general is found in ISO/IEC/TS 38501. The constructs in ISO/IEC TS 38501 can help to identify internal and external factors relating to the governance of IT and help to define beneficial outcomes and identify evidence of success.

ISO/IEC 38505-1:2017 applies to the governance of the current and future use of data that is created, collected, stored or controlled by IT systems, and impacts the management processes and decisions relating to data.

ISO/IEC 38505-1:2017 defines the governance of data as a subset or domain of the governance of IT, which itself is a subset or domain of organisational, or in the case of a corporation, corporate governance.

ISO/IEC 38505-1:2017 is applicable to all organisations, including public and private companies, government entities, and not-for-profit organisations. This document is applicable to organisations of all sizes from the smallest to the largest, regardless of the extent of their dependence on data.

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