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If you read through this book and still don’t believe there is a critical need for IT Service Management then good luck seeing if you can survive in IT for the next 5 years. Agile, DevOps, Lean IT, Virtualization, Application Lifecycle Management, Cloud Computing and many other technologies are rapidly pulling IT in many directions. These modern ways of operating IT to cope with a world of rapid change will not go away. Somehow they need to be pulled together to avoid the chaos. Service Management is the glue needed to hold these all together. There is no IT value for the business until the point a service is received. For this reason, this book is written for IT leaders, managers and practitioners from a Service Management perspective.

Having the best development practices, be it Agile, DevOps or others means little if a service is not delivered to the business. When they need it. High Velocity ITSM is about transitioning the IT organisation from traditional waterfall slower service development and support to a service delivery organisation operating at high velocity. This book provides practical guidance for:

  • Transitioning IT towards high velocity ITSM.
  • Using Agile and DevOps for rapid service build.
  • Using Lean IT to operate at high velocity.
  • Streamlining your ITSM management processes.
  • Building a Lean IT CSI Program.
  • Learning and applying modern IT methods …and much more!


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