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Up until now, no one has attempted to lay out the entire blueprint for architecting a complete IT service management supporting infrastructure—until this book. What are the supporting toolsets and technologies that need to support an IT service management infrastructure? What databases need to be put into place? What are all the IT service management roles and responsibilities to effectively operate this infrastructure? What kinds of IT support services does almost any IT organisation deliver? Get it all here.

This book lists the CI types, toolset descriptions, detailed roles and activities, and much more. Get a firm handle on the data, functions, services, processes, organisation, and technologies all needed to effectively build and operate a complete IT service management infrastructure. Explore approaches for reviewing and assessing your current toolsets, data, processes, and services. See where gaps might exist. Find areas that might be missing tools or have too many tools doing similar functions. Validate IT service management roles and activities. “One can put together an entire IT service management operation just from the descriptions in this book!” “If I had to build a large IT infrastructure or data centre from scratch, this book becomes my most critical reference!”


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