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Agile: Manager’s Guide to Unlocking Business Value is a simple resource for managers to quickly get up to speed with Agile principles, methods and techniques so that they can play an active role in Agile projects or transformations.

It addresses some of the topics that typical Agile courses don’t, and answers some of the following questions:

  • How does Agile influence the way we do strategic planning?
  • Surely you should still have projects and programmes?
  • What is my role in Agile as a manager?
  • How will Agile change the way I manage and lead my team or organisation?
  • Isn’t Agile a risky approach?
  • What’s the difference between Agile and agility?

Developing a competency in Agile working and agility are key determinants of success in a digital age, this book will certainly give you a head start!

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