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A ‘digital wave’ is crashing over the global economy, and organisations are finding that IT has become the very fabric of their business as they race to adopt cloud, software defined networking, IoT, blockchain, mobile and artificial intelligence technologies to differentiate themselves and survive.

The digital wave means that ‘making IT work’ will make or break organisations, but we focus too much on the technology itself, which is mostly a commodity, and focus too little on IT service management (ITSM) which can make a major difference to the success of IT and of the business. But the digital wave is placing massive stresses on IT operating models, and ITSM capability needs an order of magnitude acceleration in capability development to meet the needs of the digital wave.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, then my new book Agile ITSM Transformation will be of help. The book is a practical guide designed for ITSM professionals facing the consequences of the digital wave. In it, I describe the digital wave imperative for ITSM and concisely set out a lightweight, agile and flexible three step methodology for applying proven agile techniques to transform your ITSM performance.

The OAT approach (Orient-Architect-Transform) is derived from years of real world transformation experience and takes you right from setting the entry conditions for success for your project, through defining a vision and roadmap and to the iterative and incremental delivery of transformational changes working in small cohesive cross functional teams, ending by defining how to create the right exit conditions for success to sustain the benefits your transformation delivers. A detailed story based description of an example use case of the OAT approach will solidify your understanding of the method and provide more practice based discussion of the key points.

Pre-order your copy of Agile ITSM Transformation today.

About the Author:

Graham Ramsden has worked for the last 20 years as an ITSM service architect and consultant in the telecoms industry, designing, building and improving ITSM capability for clients primarily in the retail banking, investment banking and insurance sectors.  He won the UK Management Consultancies Association (MCA) award for Performance Improvement Consultant of the Year in 2009 for a continuous service improvement programme he led for a major UK bank.

He has been a leader on global deals and projects worth approximately $2bn and which have employed more than 3,000 people.  As a result, he has seen an awful lot of situations, and witnessed and indeed made significant mistakes, most of which he hopes to have learned from along the way and have informed his writing!

Graham is from the fine English county of Yorkshire, enjoys cycling and wine, although usually not at the same time, and would like to take up golf if only his lawn and hedge would just stop growing for five minutes.

Graham can be reached through LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/grahamramsden