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For the last 12 years, I have been working around the world of project management, more specifically PRINCE2®, but I have never got around to studying PRINCE2 in any detail. Working with great Colin Bentley, the creator of the PRINCE2 methodology, has finally peaked my interest.

So I decided to study for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam with an accredited distance learning course. The quality of some of the courses out there for not very much money is really impressive. I would stress here, it is worth making sure the course you take is an accredited course, as I have seen some pretty ropy courses over the years that aren’t accredited.

So far, I am half way through the course and I must say that PRINCE2 is making a lot of sense to me. When compared to PMBoK®, PRINCE2 tells you how to manage a project, whereas PMBoK provides a body of tools and techniques for project management. Think of it as PMBoK telling you the ‘what’ of project management and PRINCE2 to telling you the ‘how’.

I’m setting aside an hour or so a day to study for the Foundation exam. So far my studies are going well and I am improving my PRINCE2 and project management knowledge day by day, and I hope to may be take the Foundation exam sometime in 2019.

My next course will be on PRINCE2 Agile®, the hybrid project management method holds a lot of interest for me. Though, I may take an Agile course before taking PRINCE2 Agile as I am thinking it may help me understand how both approaches can be combined successfully.

I’m enjoying my PRINCE2 journey!

About the Author:

Jamie Titchener is CEO of ITSM Shop, the one-stop shop for all ITSM books, standards, tools and training. He has worked in the field of service management for the last 12 years.