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One of the key reasons for a disconnect between the ‘Big IT’ service provider and customer is the eschewed nature of some performance measures. SLAs that are designed from the service providers perspective and what they can achieve as opposed to the full, end-to-end customer and user experience (CX/UX) are referred to as ‘watermelon’ measures. They are nice and green from the outside,  but conceal a fleshy red beneath the surface. This can result in a lack of correlation between SLAs, KPIs and CSAT.

The solution maybe to create a fruit salad of measures (including XLAs) both more inclusive and holistic of Employee, User, Customer and Supplier experience. A range of colours will reflect the challenges within the organisation, encourage transparency and drive broad-based improvement. Gaining the right insight starts with asking the right questions and measuring the things that truly matter.

Listening is a pre-requisite to learning, learning to improvement, improvement to transformation.

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By Nigel Murphy

About the Author:

I have worked in IT since 1997 starting out on a Service Desk, I seemed to be a little out of sync with everyone else and was told I actually dealt with support calls ‘too quickly’, the average time was 2 min 20 secs, mine was 50 secs!. I became fascinated by productivity and when a few years later Fujitsu Services underwent a Lean Transformation it seemed a natural fit, instantly resonating with me. I decided to leave the confines of IT support behind and become a consultant and have been ‘hooked’ on Transformation ever since.