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It has now been six months since ITSM Shop (itsmshop.co.uk) launched our new online store, the one-stop shop for all service management books, standards, tools and training, and, during that time there have been some highs and lows.

One of the highs has been getting to work with so many gifted and talented people in the service management industry. They have worked with us to develop many new books for our publishing imprint, ITSM Press, mainly for the greater good, giving something back to their community.

Some may say that investing money in publishing books by mostly unknown authors is risky. I don’t see it as such.  I see it as developing latent talent and giving them a voice. Their ideas are mostly as well thought through as so-called ‘thought leaders’. So why shouldn’t they have a chance?

Another high has been being able to do some deals with established publishers to offer their products. We are distributors for TSO, ISACA, IEC and many other established names in the industry.

As for the lows, to be honest, one of them has been not realising how difficult it can be to run your own business. Working long hours and sometimes with little way in motivation. I’ve probably never worked so much. Being the main person in the business, it all depends on you.

Another low has undoubtedly been when you have to take decisions that affect people. Whether it has been where they just don’t fit into your plans or not being able to bring their ideas to market. Often emotions are involved, and it is never easy.

In all retrospect, would I change anything? Not really! I’m looking forward to the next six months and the new year ahead.

About the Author:

Jamie Titchener is CEO of ITSM Shop, the one-stop shop for all ITSM books, standards, tools and training. He has worked in the field of service management for the last 12 years.