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ISO/IEC 38500

ISO/IEC 38500:2015 is the International Standard for IT governance. Part 1 of the standard provides principles guidance, definitions and a model for IT governance.

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There are five parts to the ISO/IEC 38500 standards family. They are:

  • ISO/IEC 38500:2015 Information technology — Governance of IT for the organisation.
  • ISO/IEC TS 38501:2015 Information technology — Governance of IT — Implementation guide.
  • ISO/IEC TR 38502:2017 Information technology – Governance of IT – Framework and model.
  • ISO/IEC TR 38504:2016 Governance of information technology – Guidance for principles-based standards in the governance of information technology.
  • ISO/IEC 38505-1:2017 Information technology – Governance of IT – Governance of data – Part 1: Application of ISO/IEC 38500 to the governance of data.

About ISO/IEC 38500

The aim of this International Standard is to provide guiding principles, definitions and a model for governing bodies to use when monitoring, evaluating and directing the use of information technology.

The standard provides broad guidance on the governance of IT. It also encourages organisations to use appropriate standards to support the governance of IT.

The guidance within the standard is applicable to all types, size and industry of organisation.

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ISO/IEC 38500 implementation

ISO/IEC TS 38501:2015 gives guidance on the implementation of the governance of IT described in ISO/IEC 38500 and the model for ISO/IEC TR 38502.

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ISO/IEC 38500 Consultancy

At ITSM Shop we have a multidisciplinary team of consultants who can help you with any size or type of IT governance project. Working with your team, we’ll implement an IT governance framework for you that works.

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