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Test environments are one of your keys to success in a frequently changing era. Test environments always come with a cost and in most of the cases the nature of test environments is inherently temporary. The simplest solution to reduce cost is to ‘Go cloud and embrace automation’

Clouds with effective automation are the holy grail of cost saving and improving agility. Its success depends on speed of provision, deployment, running automated test and finally decommissioning. In short, it makes environments spin up, spin down and test execution efficient.

If you are able to implement on-demand provision, one-click deployment, automated test suite and tear-down environment, once done on cloud along with a reduction in cycle time from days to minutes in overall activities then you will be able to cut the environment budget significantly.

Cloud environments are actually the future of test environments. Future need will be one- click implementation and a pay-as-you-go model with unlimited availability. Below are few benefits of cloud-based environments:

  • It’s easy to simplify the workflow and policies on the cloud to achieve lower cost and higher quality
  • Cloud provides unlimited availability and flexibility to scale up and down resources
  • The cloud supports Agile workflow – QA can request environments at any time to perform exploratory

In a IT perspective the cloud is actually as Any Thing As Service (XaaS). You can get benefits when you set-up your environment function effectively. Read more about this in Test Environment Management.

About the Author:

Anurag Sharma is a dynamic, ambitious and a result-oriented IT service management professional. He loves challenges and is willing to take risk.

Anurag’s specialities include:

  • Test environment management/architect
  • DevOps architect/consultant
  • I.T. service management
  • Test management
  • Cyber resilience/security researcher