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In most organisations, test environment management ownership is always an area of confusion and neglect. This results in a poorly managed environment. In some cases, ownership of the environment is assigned to an individual team or department. Sharing ownership leads to accountability concerns. A one-stop shop for all environment-related activities can eliminate such problems. It also provides everyone in your organisation a single point of contact for all test-related issues.

As part of a best practice implementation, you firstly need to establish a test environment management function based on organisational objectives. The one-stop shop has several advantages:

  • Centralised request management. A key benefit of this approach is “one-stop shopping” for environment users; is there’s no need to learn and use separate systems to request services.
  • Simplify the environment user experience – Environment users don’t care what happens behind the scenes, their request will be fulfilled in agreed timelines. Also, environment users don’t need to learn a new process and tool. It also avoids the overhead of following different teams.
  • Strong environment governance – End-to-end governance and tracking the way environments utilised in the organisation are essential to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI) for the lowest cost. This also enables end-to-end visibility using the service catalogue and reporting.
  • Reduced service cost – The objective of the one-stop shop is to improve quality of service and automate manual processes, this helps in reducing cost and effectively utilising resources.

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About the Author:

Anurag Sharma is a dynamic, ambitious and a result-oriented IT service management professional. He loves challenges and is willing to take a risk.

Anurag’s specialities include:

  • Test environment management/architect
  • DevOps architect/consultant
  • I.T. service management
  • Test management
  • Cyber resilience/security researcher