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If you look on the Internet and put into Google asking what digital transformation is exactly, you get various different definitions of what digital transformation is. Plus, you soon learn that digital transformation is often referred to as ‘DX’.

OK, acronyms aside, what is it and can it be of any real benefit in the sphere of service management?

Well, digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology into the functions of processes of the organisation, fundamentally changing the way the organisation operates and delivers value.

With this definition it is pretty clear to see that digital transformation isn’t about ongoing change. It’s about a ‘big bang’ evolution in the way we deliver value.

Having read a book on DX recently, Anurag Sharma, I have you to blame, I now understand the basics of digital transformation.

It is pretty clear the ways that DX can be of help. It can help us automate and deliver more value for less. It can speed up the way we deliver services and improve customer experience (another acronym, CX) and user experience (UX).

With this being the case,  it is clear that more organisations will undergo digital transformation.

About the Author:

Jamie Titchener is CEO of ITSM Shop, the one-stop shop for all ITSM books, standards, tools and training. He has worked in the field of service management for the last 12 years.