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By Nigel Murphy

We will look at how Organisations are driving innovation into Customer and User Insight with direct As-Live feedback based on Net Promoter Score (NPS) dashboards rather than relying on traditional reporting measures – often available on weekly or monthly basis as lagging indicators. This approach enables more agility in responding to customer and user experience issues, effectively empowering them to identify value loss.

About the Author:

I have worked in IT since 1997 starting out on a Service Desk, I seemed to be a little out of sync with everyone else and was told I actually dealt with support calls ‘too quickly’, the average time was 2 min 20 secs, mine was 50 secs!. I became fascinated by productivity and when a few years later Fujitsu Services underwent a Lean Transformation it seemed a natural fit, instantly resonating with me. I decided to leave the confines of IT support behind and become a consultant and have been ‘hooked’ on Transformation ever since.

The new guide to Lean will be released in October, we will start taking pre-orders for it next week. Check out the IT Service Management section on our website for this and other great IT service management books, standards, tools and training.