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The next edition of COBIT®, the framework for management and governance of information and technology, will be released in November 2019. But what are the key changes to the framework?

COBIT 2019 is built on more than 25 years of experience and development, and includes many new insights and practices.

Why has COBIT been updated?

The last edition of COBIT, COBIT 5, was published in 2012. Since then, the governance and management of information and technology has evolved, with the release of standards and the emergence of new approaches (DevOps, digital transformation), thus requiring COBIT to be updated.

With the speed of change in this field increasing, COBIT will need to be more regularly updated. All future updates will be marked with the year of their release, to denote the release of the most updated guidance.

What are the key changes COBIT?

The key changes to COBIT can be summarised as follows:

  • COBIT 2019 introduces new concepts such as focus areas and design factors. These provide additional guidance to enable the organisation to tailor a governance system suitable for them.
  • Updated alignment with other standards, frameworks and best practices. A full list of the referenced standards and guidance used during the development of COBIT 2019 is available from the ISACA website.
  • COBIT 2019 is more prescriptive – new guidance and tools are provided to create a fit-for-purpose governance system.
  • The updated edition of COBIT adopts an ‘open source’ model. This will allow the global community to contribute to future updates, providing feedback and proposing changes to the framework and publications on a rolling basis.

When will the new COBIT 2019 publications be available?

Available November 2018

COBIT 2019 Framework: Introduction and Methodology – the introductory title to the 2019 edition of COBIT.

COBIT Framework: Governance and Management Objectives – this guide describes the 40, core governance and management objectives, the processes these contain and other related elements. References to other standards and frameworks are also provided.

Available December 2018

COBIT 2019 Design Guide: Designing an Information and Technology Governance Solution –explores the design factors that can influence governance.  This book includes a workflow, this is for planning a tailored governance system for the enterprise.

COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide: Implementing and Optimizing an Information and Technology Governance Solution – provides guidance on the implementation of an information and technology governance framework.

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Will training for COBIT 2019 be available?

Training for COBIT 2019 will be available from January 2019. A COBIT Bridge workshop and COBIT Foundation training will both be available at this time. From April 2019, COBIT 2019 Implementation and Design training will also be available.

For more information on COBIT 2019 keep checking back on this blog, or see the ISACA website.