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The Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT® (CGEIT®) qualification from ISACA® is awarded to a range of professionals, and demonstrates their knowledge and application of enterprise IT
governance principles and practice.

As an individual who has obtained the CGEIT qualification you demonstrate your ability to grasp the complex topic of IT governance, holistically, and to enhance the value of the enterprise.

Study for the CGEIT exam using only official materials.

CGEIT Review Manual, 7th Edition.

CGEIT Review Questions, Answers and Explanations, 4th Edition.

Requirements for the CGEIT exam.

In order to gain the CGEIT qualification an individual must:

1) Pass the CGEIT exam.

2) Agree to abide by the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics.

3) Comply with the CGEIT Continuing Education Policy.

4) Provide evidence of relevant IT governance work experience (5 years) as codified in the CGEIT Job Practice.

Exam content.

There are five domains that candidates are marked on. They are:

Domain 1: Framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT (25%).
Domain 2: Strategic Management (20%).
Domain 3: Benefits Realisation (16%).
Domain 4: Risk Optimisation (24%).
Domain 5: Resource Optimisation (15%).

For further information on the CGEIT exam please see the ISACA website.

How to pass the CGEIT exam.

In order to prepare for and pass the CGEIT exam at the first attempt we recommend using the official study manuals from ISACA to boost your chances.

Buy the CGEIT Exam Bundle.

Maintaining you CGEIT qualification.

ISACA have a continuing professional education (CPE) policy in force for all CGEIT qualified professionals. This policy ensures that all CGEIT qualified professionals maintain their knowledge and skills in the field of IT governance.

It is the aim of this continuing professional education (CPE) policy that all CGEIT qualified professionals will be better equipped to support board directors and executive management. The CPE requirements are set by the CGEIT Certification Board. It oversees the CPE process and requirements to ensure their applicability.

Requirements of the CPE policy.

1) 20 CPE hours annually.
2) 20 CPE hours over their 3-year cycle.
3) Payment of an annual maintenance fee.

For further information on maintaining your CGEIT qualification please see the ‘Maintain Your CGEIT’ page on ISACA’s website.

If you would like to discuss your CGEIT study requirements with one of our advisors please email[email protected] or phone +44 (0) 3333 445286.