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As a small business owner, I don’t get much time to myself concentrating on a subject that I am passionate about i.e. service management, but as part of a major project I am currently working on I have needed to review all of our publications. This involved reading most of our books from cover to cover, which, I must admit, as a publisher you often don’t get the luxury to do.

The first book that I have read is A Guide to ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 Service Management, by Dolf van der Haven. Dolf is a good friend and colleague to both myself and ITSM Shop, and has authored a number of our bestselling books on subjects as diverse as integral psychology, service management and ISO/IEC 38500.

Sitting down to read the book, I have used my knowledge of the last edition of the standard that I gained through studying for EXIN’s ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation certification and my 12 or so years of service management experience.

When reviewing your own materials, you always want to believe the product you are offering is a quality one. But you also have to balance this with a degree of fairness and truth to provide an accurate review.

With this criteria in mind, I set out to read Dolf’s book. The book has been written as an introductory overview of the new standard.  The book starts off by going into detail of why service management is needed, followed by an overview of the series of standards and the structure of the standard. It then moves to cover how about you go about implementing the standard. Here, we should be clear, this ISN’T an implementation guide. Those that want more in-depth guide to implementing a service management system (SMS), should look for a different guide. Dolf says as much himself in the book.

The book then concludes by covering the certification process, different approaches to service management that would be of benefit and two appendices, one providing a list of further relevant resources of ISO/IEC 20000 information and an overview of the key changes in the standard.

For someone whose first language isn’t English, Dolf does a great job of explaining the standard in simplistic and precise terms. This is very much a guide for newbies to the standard or those looking to gain a basic introduction to the new standard.

So, in summary, A Guide to ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 Service Management provides a basic and concise introduction to the new standard for service management. It is written in straightforward and uncomplicated English. However, the section on implementation won’t be sufficient for those looking to implement a SMS. This guide is very aimed at those looking to get started with the new standard. If I were to give it a star rating out of 5, I would give it (4/5).

The book is available either on our website or on Amazon’s various websites around the world, and through all good booksellers.

If anyone has any questions about the book, I would be happy to answer them and I can be contact via email [email protected]

About the Author:

Jamie Titchener is CEO of ITSM Shop, the one-stop shop for all ITSM books, standards, tools and training. He has worked in the field of service management for the last 12 years.