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I am passionate service management professional and digital evangelist with strong strategic development skills, ability to drive, innovate and improve service delivery. I have developed excellent communication, interpersonal and technical skills through 10+ years of initiating, influencing, leading, delivering and supporting IT solutions.

I am from India and work for Zensar Technologies UK for a leading UK retailer based in London. I look after non-production environment management services. My team are responsible for delivering cost effective, seamless environment experience.

I love networking and very active on social media platforms.


I love reading books and I have collection of 340 eBooks and 150 papercopies. I read 2 books a month.  Apart from this, I love enjoying scotch in the outdoors or with music.

After years of reading, I now developed another hobby of writing and shaping my thoughts.

Why you wrote you book

In 2013, I was assigned a task to implement ‘environment management as a service’ from scratch for one of the UK’s biggest retailers. At that time except, my service management and technical experience; I had nothing to deliver this part of the requirement. One late evening, one my colleagues was asking if I could recommend any books on test environment management? At the time, we couldn’t find any books which would even helps on fundamentals. From that evening, I decided to document my journey and support the IT community on test environment management.

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