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I have worked in IT for twenty-one years supporting a diverse range of public and private sectorclients. I started out as a ‘techie’ spending twelve years at Fujitsu inOperational roles. This is where I was introduced to Lean and ITIL, the methodologies which were to become twin passions. Duly hooked, I decided to dedicate the restof my career to service management and transformation.

My motto: ‘Don’t let IT stand for ivory tower, make it stand for intuition’

I originally hail from the People’s Republic of Cork (an enclave in southern Ireland) but have lived in the UK since 1985.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nigel-murphy-8b960664/


I like creative writing and self-published Articulus Rising in 2014, I also write children stories. I volunteer at Leonard Cheshire as a creative writing assistant.

Why I wrote the book:

Lean is a very different way of thinking, it’s a mind-set and cultural shift. Once you experiencea lean transformation it never leaves you. I first saw ‘the light’ at Fujitsu from 2005 – after which I was pathologically unable to walk into any IT space without identifying value and waste opportunities. I am passionate about transformation, how it is gained and retained and why it alludes so many organisations.

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