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David Cauchi is a seasoned data protection expert, having worked in the field for more than 14 years. After graduating in Management and Banking & Finance, with Honours in Management at the University of Malta in 2003, David joined the Maltese Data Protection Authority. Since then, he formed part of the technical team, where he is currently serving as Head of Compliance.

Throughout all these years, David has developed a level of expertise in data protection matters, particularly in handling complaints, carrying out inspections and audits, dealing with cross-border issues, including international data transfers, providing guidance and raising awareness on data protection to the various sectors, including banking and financial services, online gaming, employment, and the public at large.

He also represents the Information and Data Protection Commissioner in various Data Protection fora and meetings organised by EU Institutions. He is actively involved in the Coordinated Supervision of EU large-scale information systems, such as Europol, Schengen (SISII), Visa (VIS), Eurodac and Customs (CIS). David is currently serving his first term as Chair of the SIS II Supervision Coordination Group, having been elected in November 2017, after serving as Vice-Chair for the previous four years.

He is often invited to participate as expert speaker in conferences and seminars on GDPR.

More information about the author is available on https://www.linkedin.com/in/cauchi-david-49090b5


My two other passions are music and football! I love to do music not only as a hobby but also professionally. In fact, I regularly sing and perform at different venues / events. In my limited free time, I love to watch some football accompanied by a good drink and food! 

Why I wrote the book

During these years working in the field, I have acquired not only expertise but also passion for data protection. I felt that I wanted to transmit this to others too. At the time when we were all busy with the preparations for the GDPR, I felt like I was answering the same questions time and time again!  When Jamie (the publisher) got in touch, I decided to try to put some of my hands-on experience in this practical guide on the GDPR. 

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