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Advocates of Lean transformation typically suggest a ‘roadmap’, however this suggests a linear trajectory for transformational endeavors, often the reality is morecircuitous, fraught with setbacks and internal division. A playbook allows you to wargame against ‘what if’ scenarios, plan and prepare for those who will oppose progress. A successful implementation will depend on various factors. The openness and conducive nature of an organisation’s culture will prove fertile territory for Lean seeds to thrive. Likewise an organisation with the opposite attributes may need to first address cultural barriers before commencing.

Depending on context any of the three K’s could be used independently or in combination. One thing to note with Kaizen however is that is can be very challenging to roll out Lean in isolation to teams – they will immediately start talking a different language which will not necessarily translate to those around them. If taking an incremental approach to implementation it is advisable to target heavily co-dependent teams simultaneously. We separate our transformation playbook for enterprises into three phases; Initiation, Enhancing, Transforming.

By Nigel Murphy

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About the Author:

I have worked in IT since 1997 starting out on a Service Desk, I seemed to be a little out of sync with everyone else and was told I actually dealt with support calls ‘too quickly’, the average time was 2 min 20 secs, mine was 50 secs!. I became fascinated by productivity and when a few years later Fujitsu Services underwent a Lean Transformation it seemed a natural fit, instantly resonating with me. I decided to leave the confines of IT support behind and become a consultant and have been ‘hooked’ on Transformation ever since.